Marca College: Instructor Highlight

What makes our Marca College instructors so special?

The amount of commitment they have for Marca College and the motivation they provide our students. This is why we’re excited to feature the reMARCAble instructor Karen a.k.a. ‘Mom’!


Are you wondering why Karen is referred to as ‘Mom’? It may have something to do with the 16 years of being an Instructor at Marca College. However, before beginning at Marca College, Karen has always had a connection since a young age within the hair industry because her uncle was a hairstylist.


Karen’s curiosity for hair has always been there even though she studied Accounting. After two years of working within the industry, she realized that this was not where she saw herself in the future and decided to take the leap into the hair industry because of her true passion. This was the best decision she made because it landed her at Marca College 16 years ago.


Karen believes strongly in what Marca College offers and teaches its students. She takes pride in seeing the talent her students begin with and the practical skills they end with: mastering sculpting and styling, and beyond. Alongside a strong hands-on curriculum, she takes it upon herself to be there for her students beyond the classroom. The foundation of her advice includes, “Learn how to walk first and then you can run”. Karen knows from personal experience that no matter what anyone tells you, you can always become who you want be and Marca College provides the ideal environment to learn and grow.

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