October Students of the Month

Please join us in congratulating our extremely talented and reMARCAble October Students of the Month: Anastasia Sapko (Hamilton Campus), Bahar Rahem (Danforth Campus), Shaniel Greaves (Brampton Campus), Melissa Graham (Dufferin Campus), and Cassandra Balenzano (Dixie Campus).

Marca College Students of the Month

Anastasia Sapko (Hamilton Campus)

Anastasia Sapko has always been that friend who would help you do your hair. She enjoys being creative and experimenting with different products for hair with her friends at home. Anastasia has a lot of fun learning at Marca College because of the family environment and appreciates the support from instructor’s when she may find a certain hair cutting technique challenging. She always recommends that anyone who colours their hair uses L’Oréal products specifically for colour treated hair.


Bahar Rahem (Danforth Campus)

Bahar Rahem chose to follow a career in hairstyling because she has always had an ability to create up-do’s and makeup looks and wanted to learn even more at Marca College. Bahar enjoys seeing her end result and feels great when her customers have achieved their desired look. She is working towards gaining more experience and coming back to Marca College as an Instructor – all while smiling. Bahar’s advice is to always smile and stay positive no matter what!


Shaniel Greaves (Brampton Campus)

Shaniel Greaves really enjoys hairstyling because she can make people feel fabulous! When spending her days on campus, Shaniel enjoys the feeling of the campus being a “home away from home” with her Instructors and classmates. By learning new things daily at Marca College, she feels confident in her skills after graduating and looks forward to learning even more at a hair salon.


Melissa Graham (Dufferin Campus)

Melissa Graham thrives on being in a creative environment at Marca College. Beyond that, making a connection with her clients is really important to her. By asking questions and understanding their hair needs and goals, she is able to create a relationship with each client. After graduating from Marca College, Melissa is excited to pursue whatever comes her way! She sees herself working on film shoots and in fashion.


Cassandra Morden (Dixie Campus)

Cassandra Morden believes everyone deserves to feel their best and that one’s hair “is like the cherry on top!” She chose Marca College’s Hairstyling Diploma program so she is able to be creative at all times and continue to grow and develop her skills in a supportive environment. Cassandra looks forward to opening her own salon and working in Editorial and Runway creating coveted looks.

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