Marca College: Instructor Highlight

Marca College: Instructor Highlight

At Marca College, our Instructors not only teach you the necessary skills in each program, they also spend their days providing insight and guidance into your future career. We are incredibly proud to showcase their dedication to Marca College and its students!

At our Dufferin campus, Instructor Jay has a journey that begins at the age of 13 in Scarborough, Ontario. He grew up in a multicultural environment and loving urban fashion. He looks back fondly at this time when a friend wanted him to cut his hair and he just went for it!Marca College

Jay self-taught himself the craft of hairstyling and truly fell in love with it when he mastered the Rachel Green (from Friends) haircut on his sister. Even though he enjoyed cutting hair, he was encouraged to go to university and obtain a degree. Once he completed that, he knew a career in computers was not for him.
Marca College

He enrolled at Marca College’s Danforth campus and one of his beloved Instructor’s was Karen. She always had an intuitive feeling about him saying, “Jay, you’ll be a teacher one day.” Upon graduation, he gained experience for five years at John Steinberg & Associates, a reputable salon in Toronto. Then he became an Instructor at the Dufferin campus and remembers thinking during his first class, “I have finally found my place.”
Marca CollegeHe has been a Marca College Instructor for seven years now and enjoys that the role keeps him on his toes and that he is learning every day, “I’m not only an Instructor, but still a student.” Jay enjoys providing advice to his students and helping them grow professionally and personally. One bit of advice he believes is important to communicate to his students is that, “What scares you, makes you better.” If Jay hadn’t taken the leap from a potential career in computers to following his true passion, he may not be the exceptional Instructor he is today. We are very thankful for that leap.

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