Marca College Alumni Story: Dina Mahmassani


Dina Mahmassani has always looked up to her father. He was a Hair Stylist and a Salon Owner, and she grew up learning everything from him. Because of this, she saw a future working within the hair industry and enrolled at Marca College.

While being a student at Marca College, Dina remembers being the youngest in her class of 22. She had a lot of fun, learned discipline and her Instructors were extremely knowledgeable, “They provided me the tools I needed.”

As her studies were ending at Marca College, Dina became interested in hair extensions. This interest turned into many years of experience making wigs and building connections within the industry. She emphasizes the importance of making these connections, paired with a strong work ethic, will help you reach your career goals.

Fast forward, and Dina is the proud owner of Salon D Hair Extension Boutique located in Toronto. “My business is my life” says Dina, who lives above her boutique. She works 14 hour days, seven days a week, creating custom hair extensions for her loyal clientele, “I still have my very first client from 20 years ago.” When walking into the boutique and being welcomed by Dina, you immediately feel her warmth, making it is easy to understand why clients return.

When Dina is not working, she loves to travel, with recent experiences in Costa Rica and Banff, Alberta. She reflects on her professional journey and travels, and is proud of the process and enlightenment she obtained along the way. “Be grateful” and “Be happy when things are bad” are words Dina lives by. By remaining gracious and having a strong work ethic, Dina has been able to create a brand that is respected by her clientele and within the hair industry.


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