Marca College Instructor Highlight: Angielena

What makes our Marca College Instructors so special? A lot of different things, yet one of the most important is the amount of dedication and inspiration they bring to our students. This is why we’re excited to feature our reMARCAble Instructor Angielena from Hamilton Campus!

Instructor Angielena began her career as a student at a hair school located in Western Canada, where she graduated in 1993. When she felt she had achieved as much as possible on the West Coast, she decided to move to Toronto in the late 1990’s. In Toronto, she found she was able to challenge herself and improve her craft by working in television, for magazines and being a part of large-scale fashion shows.

Marca College

Her passion has never wavered and Angielena wanted to share her knowledge and skills at an institution such as Marca College, whose reputation is a large factor in propelling her to become an Instructor.

Angielena loves seeing the next generation of Hair Stylists take off after graduation and the process that comes along with it. Between being a part of an exciting industry where trends are always changing and seeing the confidence Marca College and its Instructors provide students, provides her the most fulfillment!

Angielena has advice for her current and future students, “No one is perfect and when you fall, get up and become stronger. Only by making mistakes do we learn to master our craft.”


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