Everyone likes to get their hair styled for different occasions. A professional stylist enhances your personality and helps you get the desired look. Hairdressing is a flexible career choice for those who love styling; it includes cutting, trimming and colouring hair. If you are creative, team player and good in personal grooming, you can find a way in the fashion industry. There is a broad scope in this profession, and you can find ample job opportunities in beauty salons and clinics.

At Marca College of Hair & Esthetics, we offer hair styling and barbering diploma programs. For over 30 years, we have been providing industry leading curriculum and helping our students develop their talents. We conduct industry-led professionals’ seminars to help our students get through challenges, using live demonstration to make learning interesting. We are proud partners of L’Oréal, Matrix, Dermalogica and Dannyco. Our full-time training programs can help you gain hands-on expertise as a hair stylist/dresser. At our hairdressing school, we also have financial aid programs supported by the Government of Ontario.

Qualifications of a Hairdresser

The basic qualification required to pursue hair styling programs are good communication and friendly behaviour. You also need professional training from a hairdressing school or salon. You should also:

  • Be creative
  • Have service skills
  • Have hand and finger dexterity
  • Have a learning attitude
  • Be an active listener
  • Be a team player
  • Be good with time management
  • Be fashion forward

Pros of Hairdressing Career Options

If you are looking for reasons that make hairdressing a great career choice, have a look at the following benefits:

  • Decent Pay: The remuneration of a hair dresser is based on his/her total working experience. New hair stylists may earn less initially but later on, the pay increases. You may earn money through various sources including booth rental, commission, hourly bonus and more.
  • Exposure: Hair stylists as a profession can bring ample of opportunities for you. You can get exposure in clinics, beauty parlours and the entertainment industries. You can become an entrepreneur and start your own salon. Many international brands and hair product manufacturers host conferences; you can also take part in these events. There are chances of finding a job abroad or pursue further training in the same profession.
  • Flexibility: You enjoy a lot of flexibility in terms of working hours and career options. If you are unable to manage nine to five jobs, you have a liberty to become your own boss. You can go for freelancing and provide home service to clients and choose your shifts.
  • Freedom of creativity: Styling hair is an art and you can express it in terms of creativity and appearance. While most times the client provides instructions, as the professional, your input and suggestions can help keep them happy.

Get started to unleash your potential with practical training at our hairdressing school. Take a glance of our service overview to understand more about our hair salon and spa facilities. Contact us or drop by our Toronto west campusto enquire about admissions and more details.