Is Barber School Right for You?

Barbering is a career that is great for those who fancy themselves as artists and extroverts. If you’re looking to be a barber, it’s crucial to attend an approved barber school and pass its license exam. If you were thinking of not attending a school, rest assured that going to a barber school can be beneficial to learn and enhance barbering skills.

Marca College of Hair & Esthetics is a family-run hair-school that has been teaching industry-leading curriculum to students for over 30 years. Our barbering diploma is designed to combine demonstrations, hands-on teaching, and seminars with cutting-edge technology and industry professionals.

The benefits, you ask? Keep on reading.

  • Learn the Basics

Our general barber school curriculum includes basic scientific makeup, physiology, and anatomy of the scalp and hair; you won’t pick up these things by just interning at a barbershop. Not only will this knowledge will help you in clearing written and practical exams, but you will be able to better cut, colour or style hair.

  • Get an Internship

Attending our barber school will give you a solid foundation that makes you more professionally appealing to practising with barbers that you plan to work for and gain experience!

  • Get Hands-On Experience

Our curriculum includes an exam in which you will be asked to work on a real client in front of a panel of experts. This particular exam is designed to help you deal with clients in real life.

  • Take a Mock Province Board Exam

Marca College of Hair & Esthetics provides mock board exams. The feedback on areas where improvement is needed will be shared with you, so that you can perform better in the final board exam.

  • Learn Sanitation Rules

Our Barber school curriculum also includes sanitation techniques. You will get to practice sanitizing barber tools like razors, scissors and trimmers.

Take the First Step to Becoming a Barber Today!

Enrolling in Marca College of Hair & Esthetics can be your first step in achieving your dreams. We offer full-time classes to prepare our students with modern salon-like environments. We also offer hair salon and spa services.

If you are looking to learn the art of barbering, get in touch with us today!