Top Six Reasons to Attend a Beauty School

Top Six Reasons to Attend a Beauty School

Joining a beauty school gives anyone with creative skills, an opportunity to become an expert in the industry. This can lead to many possibilities including business ownership and a chance to work with celebrities. The right beauty school, such as Marca College of Hair & Esthetics, can provide the right guidance which can help you a lot.

We are a family-run school that has been teaching beauty courses to students for over 30 years. Our teaching modules include hands-on teaching, seminars and demonstrations. You will be impressed to know that we make use of cutting-edge technology in our college.

Here are six reasons why you should go to a beauty school:

  1. Graduate in a year

Most people assume that going to college involves dedicating two or four years to education. In our beauty school, you can become a beautician and earn your license in a year. This means you can start working as a stylist quickly and build your career before students from most other fields.

  1. Lots of career choices

You can learn beauty courses to become a makeup artist or a hairdresser. There are many other career options which you can try as well. A beauty sales rep, beauty blogger and body painter are just a few examples. These professions can take you as far as you want in life and there will always be a chance to learn and grow. If you are not sure which career would be perfect for you, our staff can help you find out based on your talent.

  1. Availability of financial aid

Our beauty school, like most others, gives financial aid to students. Our staff can help you out with the process, if you are concerned about the school’s fee.

  1. Smaller class size

Our beauty school offers access to expert teachers in the industry where students will have interactive sessions in smaller classes. The advantage of smaller classes is that the teachings will be more personalized.

  1. Hands-on training

We offer hands-on training to our students. We will ensure that you perform real-life tasks to get real-world experience before the job. Our instructors provide hands-on training in a warm, engaging and professional spa and salon-like setting.

  1. Focused curriculum

Our beauty school program can teach you everything you will need to succeed in your career. We work with industry-experienced instructors to shape a curriculum that’s best for students. At our school, you will learn how to condition, colour and design hair, provide facials, administer manicures and apply make-up. Certain classes that we offer include how to improve life skills, proper infection control, skin disorders, human anatomy and physiology.

We also help our students seek employment in the beauty industry, prepare them for the job and familiarize them with state rules and laws.

Join Our Beauty College

Enrolling in our beauty school can be your first step in becoming a beautician. We offer full-time classes to all our students. We also offer hair salon and spa services.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.