Our Story

Marca College provides expert-level educators and continual support for students, and encourages an environment that reflects our overall company culture-family, support and excellence.

Marca College, a family run Beauty School that has provided industry leading curriculum to develop the best in artistic talent amongst their students for over 30 years.

At Marca College we strive to educate, inspire, and mentor the futures professionals of our industry. We offer expert level education from our in-house education team and our amazing partnership brands to ensure a seamless transition from school to the workforce. We promote inclusion, diversity and authenticity to allow our students to be the best versions of oneself in an excepting environment. We are forever learning and evolving to provide the most current trends as well as refine the foundational skills needed to build the finest students imaginable.

We want the next generation of the beauty industry to be confident, skilled and truly reMARCAable.

A letter from the founder
Joe Chimenti
Marca College founder Joe Chementi with family

Congratulations on taking the first step in choosing Marca College and to opening the door to the exhilarating world of beauty.

At Marca College we believe in the true art of beauty. Our artist’s approach assures you have the unlimited resources and unparalleled education that will empower you with the tools to be confident and successful in this competitive industry.

My personal love affair with hairstyling began over 50 year ago when I picked up my first pair of shears. After many years of working as a platform artist, educator, and as a salon entrepreneur, I combined all my experiences and knowledge of this lucrative trade and envisioned building a school that displays and encourages the virtuosity of this craft. Over 37 years ago, Marca College was established; and words cannot express the gratification I feel when I see our students grow into accomplished artists that shape the future of this art and inspire others to looks and feel great.

It gives me great pleasure to have passed down this legacy to my children (Joey and Cheri) who equally share in my vision. We are a family run school that considers our students like family; we extend you a lifetime membership to Marca’s continuous education. The invitation is yours to return at any time to refresh your skills and continue to be absolutely reMARCAble!

Joe Chimenti Sr.
Marca College Founder, Owner

Joe Chementi's Signature